Game Design & Development
Made in San Francisco, California

Our founding team has worked together for over a decade, spanning several companies. Prior to SplitCell, the same group founded and ran Archetype, an award-winning application design and development company, acquired by Intel in 2012. At Intel, our team headed up application design, development and product management for OnCue, Intel's OTT television initiative, recently acquired by Verizon. With a passion for games and immersive applications, the team left Intel in early 2014 to found SplitCell.

SplitCell is located in San Francisco, California. 


Michael Lucaccini, Founder

Michael has extensive experience leading large-scale, innovative technology projects for companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Netflix, HBO and Autodesk. In his role at SplitCell, he is responsible for providing business leadership and vision, as well as keeping the day-to-day operation focused on innovation, creativity and quality. Michael was previously Director of Product Management at Intel, where he led a team of product managers focused on OnCue, Intel’s OTT Television platform (recently acquired by Verizon). Prior to Intel, Michael was President and co-founder of Archetype, an award-winning design and development agency, where he led production and business development activities. Before this, Michael worked as President at Metaliq, a San Francisco-based interactive agency, and at Autodesk, where he was responsible for several successful releases of 3d Studio Max.

Michael holds an undergraduate degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and a master’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin. A frequent conference speaker, Michael is the recent recipient of several industry awards including Communication Arts Magazine's Interactive Annual Award of Excellence.


Danny Riddell, Founder

For over a decade, Danny has applied his extensive knowledge of design, engineering and management to lead award winning, high-profile technology projects for the interactive and animation industries. Danny is passionate about applying his creativity towards innovation and supporting high performing design and development teams. His experience includes leading large-scale technology projects for Fortune 500 companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Adobe, MLB, FOX, HBO, Associated Press, Salesforce, Charles Schwab, Akamai, and Cisco, among others.Before co-founding SplitCell, Danny was Director of Applications at Intel.

Before Intel, Danny was CEO of the award winning design and development agency, Archetype. Prior to this he was President of the San Francisco based interactive application development firm, Metaliq. At Metaliq, he oversaw the team of designers and application developers and worked closely on business development initiatives. Danny stays involved with the design and development community engagements such as the Emmys, where he serves as a judge, as well as speaking at conferences around the world, including South by Southwest, Streaming Media, FITC, and various Microsoft events.



Luigi Rosso, Founder, Technology

With over a decade of experience developing dynamic applications and games across a wide array of devices and platforms, Luigi leads all technology efforts at SplitCell. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Luigi draws from a broad spectrum of platforms and languages (C/C++, Objective-C, Java, HTML/JS,.NET, PHP, etc.) to craft elegant and technology appropriate solutions. Prior to co-founding SplitCell, Luigi led all application development efforts at Intel Media, establishing the core front-end architecture for the OnCue television platform. In this role, Luigi also managed a team of front-end developers who produced a suite of applications for Intel’s set-top box and 3rd party mobile and tablet devices. Prior to Intel, Luigi co-founded and served as CTO of Archetype, an award winning design and development agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Often one of the first people to adopt new platforms and technologies, Luigi has spoken at several conferences and received numerous technology awards, including Communication Arts’ Interactive Annual Award. 


Guido Rosso, Founder, Design

Guido has been designing immersive applications and games since his youth, winning his first design contest for Diamond Multimedia back in the 1990s. Guido leads all creative and design efforts at SplitCell, bringing concepts to life through wireframes, user flows, visual designs and motion comps. Guido takes a hands-on approach to design, working directly with developers to refine and perfect concepts as they come to life.

Before co-founding SplitCell, Guido led all application UX and design efforts for OnCue, Intel’s OTT television platform, and managed a team of senior designers who produced a suite of applications for television and mobile devices.

Prior to Intel, Guido co-founded and served as Chief Creative Officer of Archetype, an award winning design and development agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A key contributor to the interactive community, Guido has spoken at several conferences, written extensively about design and received numerous technology awards, including Communication Arts’ Interactive Annual Award.